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Tori Raine Dexters

What makes us SPECIAL?

We are not farmers. Rather we fell into farming while running an earth moving Equipment Company, which isn't typically how tales of great farming begin.

Yet this is how our story began. We had been introduced to a Dexter, a breed of cow ideal for a small farm as it is small in stature, yields great milk and is as gentle in nature as soft rain.

We fell in love with the very gentle, acquiescent nature of the Dexter breed and were over the moon with the yield of milk we got from the cow with little effort. Everyone who tastes our Dexter milk remarks on how lovely the taste is - creamy with a hint of vanilla.

The temperament of this breed is so soft and gentle that even a child can lead them on a rein!

We bought the farm in Nylstroom and before we knew it, the Dexter cow became our passion.

Our aim was to go back to nature, back to pure foods and our focus is to supply the best quality free range grass fed beef, chicken and pork.

We do not use stimulants or hormones. In winter we supplement their feed with hay, Lucerne and barley green and the cattle get a winter and summer lick.

Unlike most dairy farms we do not traumatize our cows by removing their young straight after birth and so the calves stay with their mums until seven months.

For this reason, we are endorsed by Ethical Suppliers and featured on their Business Directory.

This farm with its bush veld topography provides humane, ethical and natural products which are more nutritious than their factory farmed counterparts.

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